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Bring Meaningful Magic to colleagues, clients, supporters, students, friends & family!

Bring Wonder To Your World...

David Reed-Brown is an astounding and uplifting magician who gives people hope
through the art of magic.

Two Important Questions - First

How do you want your guests to feel?

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What kind of magic do you need?

We combine and customize these to meet your needs:

Stand-Up Shows
Strolling Magic
Grand Illusions

Formal Close-Up Shows
Virtual Online Shows
Teaching & Consultation

“David Reed-Brown is more than just a magician. Yes his magic is expert and entertaining and awe-inspiring, but the real magic is the… way in which he presents it. You leave his performances knowing that life itself is magical and filled with endless possibilities.”

David Friedman

Table-Side Magic 

Most Fridays 5-8p

Often, David can give your table more time:
  • Call ahead to confirm he’s performing.
  • Let him know you’re coming. | Text | Phone
  • On arrival, tell staff you’re there to see him.

Pssst… Bring your own deck of cards!

Kids, bring a trick or a magic book to share.

Instructor Since 2018

David has studied at the most progressive and influential school of magic in the world since 1999.  Many magicians you see on TV have trained there.  In 2018 he was named an Instructor, one of the greatest honors of his life, for which he is deeply grateful. This means your guests will long-remember the magical experience you brought them. It will be strong and customized to your needs; with unique magic that few experience elsewhere.  Also, while the school is in Las Vegas, David continues living in Connecticut. Interested?

David provides amazing, professional, smooth-flowing fun!

Think of David as a Magic Mirror. When people look in to experience the magic, time seems to slow and stop because they have arrived in a place of astounding wonder and awe. Looking deeper, they begin to remember that they are magical in ways they’d forgotten – perhaps since childhood. People reconnect with the magic of the things they love, the “Life Magic” of friends, family and our beautiful world. At the end of the show, adults often report feeling more like they are 11 again, while children and teens are blown away!

Add Grand Illusions for Spectacular Energy!

  • “A LA HOUDINI” CHANGING PLACES: Your honored guest magically appears to thunderous applause on stage where David was just seconds ago. Suddenly a whistle blows, and he’s at the back of the house standing on a ladder in the middle of the aisle!
  • “I AM WOMAN” LEVITATION:  By her own power, in a stunning feat of mind over matter, a woman floats herself in the air!  This is a very empowering and beautiful grand finale.
  • Each for a small additional fee.

What are they saying?

“David’s real magic is not the amazing illusions he creates on stage, but the looks of wonder and joy he brings to faces of all ages in the audience.”

Bill Pere

Grammy Winner

“I levitated tonight! I have no idea how it happened… I was scared, but I survived – and that’s the main part of it. So, if you want to levitate at your next party, you need to contact David because it was #@$%& AWESOME!”

Courtney Davis

Vogue Model

“David Reed-Brown is a very fine magician, and he is not just a magician who tacked a message onto his show, nor is he a speaker who learned a little magic. Instead, David combines his experience as a compassionate community leader with a lifelong passion for magic to create presentations that engage, inform, and persuade audiences with a message customized to their needs.”

Robert Fellows


Motivational Speaker

Letterman, Donahue, PBS

The White House

“I recommend his uncanny presentation… slick… well- deserved raves… a clever Renaissance Man.”

Robert Cumming

Founder & Director,
Connecticut Gilbert
& Sullivan Society

Are you looking for a virtual entertainer?

“The show was incredible with a STANDING OVATION from the entire showroom! People are still raving!
Your warmth, humor and inspiration made us feel very grateful for the work we do. Thank you, again!”

– The Connecticut Town Clerks’ Association