Once upon a time...

“David is a class act all the way.”

Mayor Lloyd Beachy

New London, CT

Across a decaying factory town on the other side of the tracks …

A curious seven-year old named David discovered a secret magic set in an aged wooden jewelry box, high atop a dusty old piano.  Inside were small wooden magical wonders.  Joy filled him immediately, and he has been studying the art of theatrical magic ever since.

You see, many decades before, The Chicago magician, Dr. Jacks, admired the story-telling charisma of David’s grandfather and took him under his wing – encouraging him to build a magic set.  In time, he passed the set on to David’s father and brother who performed shows for company.  But now – wooden wonders in hand – David dove much farther down the wonder-filled rabbit hole of magic.  

Growing up, he read every magic book he could find, practiced often and performed shows for family, friends and community. After reaching a personal goal when he was 11, his parents bought him The Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic.  It was a dream come true and helped him develop intermediate-level skills in magic.  In high school and college, he studied vocal music and theater.  As an adult, in 1997 the magic bug bit hard once again, and David began living his dream as a part-time professional magician. 

Today, his specialty is sharing meaningful messages through classic stage and close-up shows, speaking engagements and strolling magic for all audiences.  In 1999 he felt a curious joy leading him to study at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas – the most prestigious and influential magic school in the world. Then, at long last and just a few years ago… an amazing thing finally happened: the Faculty made that little boy from across the tracks an Instructor!  It is one of the greatest honors of his life.

David’s latest talk, “Living A Magical Life” is designed for youth, and his interactive virtual Zoom show, “The Joy Factory”, delights audiences of all ages, near or far. His solo full-evening show, “The Meaningful Magic of David Reed-Brown”, joyfully weaves participants into working wonders themselves! He has performed from the Indian Himalaya for 900 school children to communities in the rainforests of Costa Rica; from elegant parties for city mayor’s to soup kitchens, locked psychiatric wards, and disaster recovery in Biloxi, MS and 9/11’s Ground Zero.

When you plan a show with David, he listens very carefully to create a unique presentation according to your needs. In all his work, respecting and caring for people of different cultures, nations, physicality, spirituality, ability and identity is very important to him.

He performs for corporations, non-profits, fundraising galas, community, schools, houses of worship, and private and family functions throughout the United States and beyond.

David kneels with Joanne & Channing Pollock, Masterclass Reunion 2002 | image mine
With D.C. on a surpise visit to The David Copperfield International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts, Las Vegas 11.5.2019 | image mine
With Bob Fitch, Theater For Magicians seminar, Las Vegas 2016 | image mine


David has studied at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas with his close mentors Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger since 1999.  One of the greatest honors of his life was being named an Instructor at the school a few years ago.

There, David became one of the last students of the soulful and wise Master Magician, Channing Pollock, who said, “You’re very likable. You look good. And, you’ve got skill. What more could you want?”  He also studied The Egg Bag with Johnny Thompson, with whom he shared a special bond.  Penn & Teller and even David Copperfield called Johnny “the best magician in the world.” 

David studied theatrical technique for magicians with Broadway star Robert Fitch (who danced with Liza Minelli), complimenting David on his vocal technique. He met with Cesareo Palez of Le Grand Davide, who began life as a Psychologist and escaped the Cuban Revolution to begin his life again as a magician in the US.  He said, “Every Sunday at 3 o’clock, I have an appointment with my SOUL!”  He strongly encouraged trusting and forging your own path vs. relying on mentors saying, “Do it YOURSELF.”  

Finally, David is deeply grateful to David Copperfieldfor his kindness and support; encouraging the practice of “Passion, Preparation and Persistence.” Coaching, “It looks like you achieved your current goals.  Now, transcribe every word of your show. Then rewrite like Steven Sondheim who would agonize for weeks over a single phrase… Keep the stage clean.  Remove anything that doesn’t support the story you’re trying to tell… Nothing dreary. Light the stage beautifully… Cover the speaker stands with cloth decorated to support your theme.”  And finally, “Go beyond the classics of magic… Create, bring something new to the art… Then take the audience to another place.”


 1 Copperfield, David; Permission granted to quote here for this purpose only; By Email, 1-21-2023.

Jeff McBride & Eugene Burger | Image used with permission by JM
Pam & Johnny Thompson as The Great Thompsoni | images with permission from The Johnson Estate



David was recently named an Instructor at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas where he has studied with master magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger (RIP) for more than twenty years.  It is one of the greatest honors of his life. David speaks at the the school’s annual Magic & Meaning Conference, which is like the TED Talks of Magic. His writing is referenced in McBride’s book, The Show Doctor. David wrote an extensive article for Genii Magazine about the school’s Legend’s of Magic conference.  He also writes for the school’s Secret Art Journal, leads virtual classes and discussion, hosts and produces video segments for Mystery School Monday online classes, teaches students and emcees as needed. 

In Las Vegas, David has performed at McBride’s world famous Wonderground, at the Magic & Meaning Conference and at the beautiful Mount Charleston Hotel. Moving beyond his work as a sought-after speaker, writer and performer, David teaches award-winning magic students, like Athulya Narayanan. He serves as magic consultant for Denny Moon’s musical “Abracadabra,” where he coached the amazing Broadway singer, actor, dancer Michael Spaziani. He has worked closely with director Nikki Currie-Huggard to incorporate magic effects into live theater.  

David assisted Jeff McBride in directing the magic for Lawrence and Priscilla Khong’s massive illusion musical “The Magic of Love” in its USA debut.  He is proud to have taught with and raised funds for people in need with Grammy Award winning songwriter Bill Pere, a disciple of Harry Chapin. 

In Connecticut you can find David performing close-up magic on Friday nights at Antonios Restaurant in Simsbury where he has delighted the community for nearly 10 years; quarterly performing his new show “Fine Parlor Magic” – an immersive theatrical experience – at StoryTellers Cottage in Simsbury. He has performed multiple times at First Night Hartford and in the famous Tap Room of the historic Griswold Inn in Essex, CT, where Billy Joel and Eric Clapton are known to play. And, at The Big E, in the Connecticut Building of New England’s massive states fair and expo, David has performed more than fifty shows.

What Are They Saying?

Comedian & Vogue model, Courtney Davis, levitated in the air. Watch her Party Magic review!

Reviews are in!

“David Reed-Brown is more than just a magician. Yes his magic is expert and entertaining and awe-inspiring, but the real magic is the ... way in which he presents it. You leave his performances knowing that life itself is magical and filled with endless possibilities.”
David Friedman
The Walt Disney Company
Music Conductor for Feature Animated Films: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas
“David’s real magic is not the amazing illusions he creates on stage, but the looks of wonder and joy he brings to faces of all ages in the audience.”
Bill Pere, Grammy Winner
Musician, Song Writer, Activist,
Founder & Director of The Local United Network to Combat Hunger
“I recommend his uncanny presentation… slick… well-deserved raves… a clever Renaissance Man.”
Robert Cumming
Founder-Director of CT Gilbert & Sullivan Society
“David Reed-Brown’s magic is very fine. However, he is not a magician who tacked a message onto his show. He is not a speaker who learned a little magic. David brings a lifetime of experience in working with people as a pastor, plus a lifelong passion for magic as a performing art together into a unique presentation that engages, informs, and persuades audiences with a message customized to your needs.”
Robert Fellows
Magician, Motivational Speaker, Letterman, Donahue, PBS,
The White House
"You’re very likeable. You look good. And you’ve got skill. What more could you want?”
Channing Pollock
Master Magician & Mentor
Paul Draper
Mentalist, Magician
Doctor of Anthropology
Faculty at McBride's Magic & Mystery School, Speaker, Producer, Actor, Singer,
Many TV Network Appearances
“David came and performed a set for a group of Fifth and Sixth graders at Silver Lake Conference Center, the United Church of Christ’s outdoor ministry overnight camp. He artfully wove together his magic, and his theology in an inclusive performance that, as one kid said he, “keeps BLOWING my MIND!!” The youth were absolutely enraptured, and the adult chaperones were equally as impressed. His performance made the Harry Potter themed week absolutely wonderful, and several of the youth mentioned “the magician” as a highlight of their experience. David’s interchange with the audience and enthusiasm and care for his work were absolutely magical. I highly recommend his production for any group!”
The Rev. Dr. Chris Davies
United Church of Christ,
Executive Minister for Programs & Initiatives Southern New England Conference
“I have had the pleasure of working with David Reed-Brown on a number of occasions .. most recently as a guest performer for our middle school’s Positive Behavior Support (PBiS) celebration …that would reinforce our school motto of “Respect Self, Others, and the Environment.” David effectively weaved the theme throughout his performance of “Living a Magical Life” in a manner which was easily heard and understood by our students. I have a deep respect for David’s ability to combine his gift as an illusionist with his gift as a story teller. He is able to connect the listeners to his words and actions, and when be invites someone to participate on stage with him; both the participant and the audience are pulled into a magical moment. He has impeccable timing and an ability to respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and I would highly recommend David as a skilled and professional speaker/performer for both youth and adults.'
Valerie Crane
Special Educator
East Lyme Public Schools, CT
Care and Share, Niantic, CT
“I was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson showing him my magical wonders… I spend a lot of time with magicians. I see a lot of magic. That was very professional. Well done!“
Magician David Scot
Guest on Johnny Carson
"David will be a repeat for us!!!”
The Old Saybrook Estuary Council
“David Reed-Brown is an amazing magician who enthralls persons of all ages, from children to adults. Beyond his outstanding magic, David’s presentations convey life-affirming signals. Church groups and other public service organizations widely welcome him, but so do corporate organizations. You can do no better than secure David for you next major function. I have and I have never been disappointed.”
Dr. Benjamin Griffin
President Emeritus, Andover Newton Theological School
"David is amazing, baffling, charming and a joy to work with! He is a kind, courteous and consummate professional, and he works very well with our staff, so no worries. People love the joy and wonder David brings to their evening, like a warm-up before live music starts in the tap room. At one wedding, a bride floated in the air, then he graciously, patiently helped a boy 'do the magic' so well, he turned out to be the star bowing to thunderous applause. David and his magic are a wonderful part of the icing on our cake.”
The Griswold Inn
Essex, CT
“David presents baffling illusions with warmth, humor & style.”
The Rev. Eric Anderson
Connecticut Conference UCC Staff
“I want to say ‘Wow.’ You were a terrific success in the Music and Magic of Caring and Sharing. Your illusions were a big hit with the children and the adults.”
Mae Stiles
Care and Share, Niantic, CT
“People were truly amazed at the sophistication… David artfully weaves audience participation… He has a warm and pleasing persona which captivates viewers and draws them right in. The performance was days ago, but the magic lingers on.”
The Rev. Maggie Lewis
Formerly of the MMBB Benefit Board, New York City
“Thank you for your amazing performance at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. I continue to hear raves from everyone who attended. Your magic of metaphysics and spirituality was the perfect combination for our group. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to enjoying your talents in the future.”
Lee Canapetti
Unity Fellowship of Fairfield
“David delivered precisely what he offered and more – a full evening stand-up show of incredible & meaningful illusions flown across the country!”
The Rev. Michael Crane
ABCCONN Director of Outdoor Ministries & Pastor, Retired
“David suspended my daughter in air, leaving the audience gasping…”
Rev. Matt McCaffrey
North Madison Congregational Church
North Madison, CT

Please Note

David’s magic flies anywhere in the world.

He has performed from Boston to Las Vegas to Miami, from Costa Rica to London to the Indian Himalaya. While magic does has limits like any performance art, he has entertained and inspired in a great variety of venues and can create wonder indoors and out; in person, on the internet and on TV; from stage to standing on a chair.