“The show was incredible with a STANDING OVATION from the entire showroom! People are still raving! Your performance at the Mystic Marriott for all the town clerks in the state was spectacular!
Your warmth and inspiration made us feel very grateful for the work we do. Thanks again!”

– The Connecticut Town Clerk’s Association

Magical Products

(Stage, Club/Cabaret, Banquet, Parlor)

  • The Meaningful Magic of David Reed-Brown
  • Gala Show
  • Fine Parlor Magic
  • Virtual: The Meaningful Magic Joy Factory
  • Birthday Show
  • Woman Levitates Herself in Air
  • Produce Your Special Guest Houdini-Style
David can bring memorable and spectacular flair to your event through the Art of
Your hero will DEFY DEATH by guillotine!
Grand Illusion. Your hero will bravely escape the Guillotine of Death and a woman from the audience will Suspend Herself in Mid Air.  Also, we can make the company boss or a significant guest appear in a simple but spectacular fashion.  These special illusions incorporate  members of the audience, adding to the mystery and unique flavor of every show.  Each illusion is available as an add-on when desired and budget allows for a small additional fee
David will circulate among the guests at your reception, cocktail hour, hospitality suite or meal entertaining with his amazing magic right in the hands of your guests.
  • Strolling Magic
  • Formal Close-Up
  • Fine Parlor Magic

Nothing is more memorable than intimate close-up magic that happens in your hands. With strolling close-up magic, David will move among smaller groups of your guests to share charming miracles inches from their eyes – even in their own hands.

Strolling close-up magic is very effective most anywhere people are waiting. It is perfect for corporate cocktail events, parties, receptions and restaurants who want to create a memorable and successful atmosphere for their customers. If people are having a hard time chatting, after ten minutes interacting with David, they are talking about Copperfield, Blaine and Chris Angel – mission accomplished! With one effect, David gives your guest a very special gift. They take a deck of cards in their hands, choose and sign any card with a Sharpie marker, and lose the card in the deck. While they are holding the deck, with his empty hand David removes from his back pocket for a fashionable men’s billfold. His checkbook is nestled within. Inside the checkbook is your guest’s SIGNED CARD! David also personalizes and gives the card to them as a very magical memento of their wonderful experience at your event.

One magician can generally handle 100 guests. If you have more guests, please consider having David hire one of his excellent colleagues to bring more wonder to your event. The standard mingling time at receptions and corporate suites is 2 1/2 hours before they head to the dance floor or the main event.

SPECIAL NOTE: David is proud to have performed close-up magic for many years at the famous and luxurious Griswold Inn of historical Essex, Connecticut. ”The Gris” opened in 1776 and is the oldest continually operating inn in the United States. Billy Joel and Eric Clapton have been known to cruise their boats across Long Island Sound to play the Tap Room at The Gris on a random Friday or Saturday night. It is still David’s favorite restaurant in all the world.


  • Lessons
  • Direction
  • Consultation / Script Writing / Editing
  • Theatrical Consultation & Direction
  • Project Magic – Using David Copperfield’s globally successful therapeutic program, which empowers and highly motivates patients as they learn custom-adapted magic integrated into their recovery.  David Reed-Brown works side by side with physical, occupational and psychological therapists using Copperfield’s manual written with and for medical professionals.  The program has been refined by top medical and magical professionals in the world for nearly 40 years.

Please Note

David’s shows fly anywhere in the world.

He has performed from Boston to Las Vegas to Miami, from Costa Rica to London to the Indian Himalaya. While magic does has limits like any performance art, he has entertained and inspired in a great variety of venues and can create wonder indoors and out; in person, on the internet and on TV; from stage to standing on a chair.